Global Goals

I learned that many people haven’t got jobs and that means they don’t have enough money to pay for food to feed themselves or their families. 

I also found it interesting that so many buildings have to be sustainably built. 

I found the mega project the most interesting as there will be hundreds of people living side by side in a five minute walk of a world that is much easier than the normal world in which there are cars. There will be no cars in the mega project.

It is also making use of unwanted deserts so the land doesn’t go to waste.

To help with this global goal, if you have a business you could try to hire more people to give them jobs to they can make money to feed themselves and their families which will slowly start to have a good impact on starvation and homelessness and many people will be able to live more happily in their homes. Also for builders to build a sustainable building so many more people will go live there and not be living on the streets.

Written by, Clara!