Global Goals


The global goals are 17 goals that leaders of the UN started in 2015 to stop bad things happening in the world. I learned that a lot of bad things are happening that we don’t know about, like people dying of hunger, thirst and much more.The Global Goals are important because if there were no global goals loads of other countries would suffer even more. We can help the Global Goals by donating.Send christmas boxes cause you can put water in there. And we can help in many other ways.   

By Adam

Global Goals

I learned that many people haven’t got jobs and that means they don’t have enough money to pay for food to feed themselves or their families. 

I also found it interesting that so many buildings have to be sustainably built. 

I found the mega project the most interesting as there will be hundreds of people living side by side in a five minute walk of a world that is much easier than the normal world in which there are cars. There will be no cars in the mega project.

It is also making use of unwanted deserts so the land doesn’t go to waste.

To help with this global goal, if you have a business you could try to hire more people to give them jobs to they can make money to feed themselves and their families which will slowly start to have a good impact on starvation and homelessness and many people will be able to live more happily in their homes. Also for builders to build a sustainable building so many more people will go live there and not be living on the streets.

Written by, Clara!

Global Goals

The global goals are to help the world.The people who set it up were the world leaders.

The actor who played Mr Bean and Johnny English support the global goals.

The global goals are helping the world. 

Don’t waste water, don’t throw stuff in the sea.


 Global Goals

Global goals are goals for poor/all countries to not have drought, famine or homelessness around the world. I found it interesting to see how much waste and rubbish is in the world and oceans. I think global goals are important so countries don’t go extinct by people leaving, or countries having no food at all. I think I can help by composting food, being aware of things/people. I can pick up litter on the road with gloves or a rubbish picker and I can do shoe boxes every year.     

 By Holly.

      Global goals Blog post

The global goals are 17 goals that are trying to be achieved by 2030. The goals started in 2015. The goals are going to help the world be a better place.

The thing I found interesting about the global goals is that a lot of celebrities are trying to help with the global goals. It’s not just celebrities helping millions of people help as well. More things I found interesting is that there are some good ideas to help with it. For example, for zero hunger you can set up soup kitchens in big cities and set up local gardens so people can get their fruit and vegetables.

The global goals are important because they are trying to get plastic out of the water so animals don’t suffer and they’re trying to stop world famine so nobody’s hungry again there trying to get  equal rights for women. 

All of this is important for the world! By, Meghan

Global Goals

Global goals are a few simple goals to make the world a better example zero hunger, clean water. They’re in place to help the third world countries. All of the world leaders came together to create them. I found it interesting how inclusive they are for everything. Most countries have the same problems. I think global goals are important because the world is going to get worse if we do not act on it. With these goals people are learning. You can help by the most simple things. By composting, including everyone, being less wistful. We can be nicer and kind to people and be aware of more things around us.

By Hilary